Welcome to Day Dream RO
The Main website is currently Down and until the development team can figure out why this is in place.


Server Information

Rate 15x15x15


¡ÚAuto pick up loot
¡ÚAllows offline vending with merchant class
¡ÚDisplays the rates of the server
¡ÚAllows searching of monster information
¡ÚDisplays information on items
¡ÚDisplays Server time
¡ÚShows which monster drops an item
¡ÚShows current experience

Custom Maps and Events

Poring Bomb Event
¡ÚExplosive event that you have to dodge exploding bombporings if you survive 5 rounds you win worthly prizes like cash shop points.
Monster Count
¡Ú Count the monster event if you win theres many nice prizes.
Poring Invasion
¡ÚA portal opens up in paradise island and warps you to a map that is filled with different types of poring donation credits are awarded to the person who clears the map.
Ice Dungeon
¡ÚA custom dungeon Accessed from market with wings and other great rewards awaiting those brave enough to danger into it and able to kill the Ice Dragon.
Sleepy Hallow
¡ÚThe town of sleepy hallow with quests which make you fight the evil headless horseman and save everyone from losing their heads
Caverns of Time
¡ÚA map which connects past to present also has many quests which have responsive NPC's that respond to being talked too. Ask the right question and learn new things about caverns of time
Easter Prontera
¡ÚCurrently in effect this month bunnies have taken over including the 3d mvp killer bunny. Rich rewards and fun battles.
Paradise Island
¡ÚThe main area which is the hangout point of the game. This area contains many of the important npc's like job changer, daisy roulette game, stylist noir and many more.
¡ÚNot only a place for merchants to sell things but also a great location to enter secret dungeons if you can find them ^.~
¡ÚWe have many more maps and events including ones which are for the seasons halloween, Christmas and more. We also will keep bringing out more great quests and maps as we make them. Hawaii and prontera housing coming soon in the future.

Custom NPC's

Midnight the Uncarder
¡ÚUncards For a fee will remove cards out of gear. Found in Prontera 144,178 and other locations like market. You have the option to do it for free which has 25% chance for success, 100k for 50%, 200k for 75% and 300k for 100% of getting the item back.
¡ÚSlots Level 4 weapons of certain types costs 1 million zeny and has a 50% chance of success Located Prontera 163,165
Warp Agent
¡ÚAllows the warp to main city's as well as Meeting Place. Quick warping function by speaking directly to her. Example: go prontera takes you to the city of prontera this npc can be found in all major cities.
Hair stylist in paradise has 75 male and 75 female hairstyles so far 251 colors and 500+ clothing colors to choose from


The server is now opened officially this is the opening version. You can download this as either Full installer, 6 part installer or torrent.

Full Installer

Only Use the full installer if you are sure that you don't have problems downloading large files. Keep in mind that some browsers as well as older version of browsers place download size limits so if you aren't sure it might be easier to do torrent or the 6 part.

Day Dream RO Full Installer Mirror 1       Day Dream RO Full Installer Mirror 2

Multi Part Installer

To use the multi-part installer put all the files into the same folder then make sure to run part 1 which is the EXE installer.

Day Dream RO Part 1 Mirror 1       Mirror 2
Day Dream RO Part 2 Mirror 1       Mirror 2
Day Dream RO part 3 Mirror 1       Mirror 2
Day Dream RO part 4  Mirror 1       Mirror 2
Day Dream RO part 5  Mirror 1       Mirror 2
Day Dream RO Part 6 Mirror 1       Mirror 2

Torrent Links

Day Dream RO Torrent

Ultra Light Client

This client requires RE and RAG in order to run so if you don't have rdata.grf and data.grf the client will not work. This client also omits the BGM folder so if you want the custom music for the server download from the links above. If you have any problems with installing the ultra light client it's your responsiblity to fix them. GM's will only assist with the client's above because they come with everything included. This is meant for people who already have RAG and RE or have a really bad connection and can't download super large clients.

Ultra Light Mirror 1

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